After reading this, I called my mum and started worrying about my 'expiration date' to which my mum replied "you can't listen to other people's ideas like this, this is how things like bulimia and anorexia start, by buying into all of that crap'. » 4/27/09 8:39pm 4/27/09 8:39pm

@AthertonMerriweather: I'm with you! I find the flavour of chocolate too strong. I can handle a nibble, but usually I make a face as I do it. People who love chocolate usually they think I am lying, which is funny, because I don't understand their attachment to it either. » 4/12/09 2:42pm 4/12/09 2:42pm

@trikota: If you are unable to express yourself freely (and have chosen your external appearance over your freedom of internal expression), then you have just dug a hole for yourself. You have decided your appearance is important to your self worth, but you have artificially altered it, so there is fraud going on (and… » 3/16/09 12:06pm 3/16/09 12:06pm

@whatsergem: @citrus buddha: Oh totally. I was always made to feel very uncomfortable in my women studies program in the early 90s because I love fashion and was heterosexually inclined. I think things have evolved since then where we shouldn't have to delete our entire conditioning, but instead play with it, subvert… » 3/12/09 1:19pm 3/12/09 1:19pm